GR Sports Side Visor

The aero stabilizing fin contributes to improving handling performance by rectifying the airflow near the pillars to enhance straight-line stability and reduce vehicle sway by acting on the left and right rolls.


Material Resin(Acrylic)

GR "Performance Damper®" Set

This is a damper installed at the front and rear of the body, developed exclusively for this model especially with a focus on improving handling. By reducing the need for corrective steering during cornering, it achieves the intended line tracing performance, allowing for smoother cornering.


*Performance Damper® is registered trademarks of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Some GR Yaris parts for competition cannnot be installed with this item. (Visit the link for more details:

GR Brake Pad Set

Brake pads for city driving to circuit use. Featuring a controllable brake touch that is gentle on passengers and easy to handle on the circuit, enabling deceleration of the car towards the intended points.


What is Fade Resistance? "Fade" is a phenomenon which the performance of the brake pads has declined due to riding the temperature of the friction material and the resistance to this decline in performance during fade is defined as fade resistance.

※Increase of braking noise and brake dust may occur.

※[Recommended temperature range] Ordinary temperature to 600°C (Continuous operation at the limit of upper temperature is not possible).

GR Discharge Sticker

Positive ion electric discharge aluminum sticker with GR logo.


Material Aluminum
Size Approx. W50mm×25mm

※Various parts of the vehicle body are prone to positive (+) charging during driving. By applying GR Discharge Tape, the positive charge on the body is removed to restore smooth airflow, thus contributing to the vehicle's original performance.

※This image is for illustration purposes only.

GR Interior Panel Set

Enhance the interior with a carbon-style design, creating a sportier feel and stimulating a sports-minded attitude. By changing the direction of the carbon pattern on the instrument panel and register panel, the appearance remains dynamic.


Color Carbon like
Set includes 3 instrument panels,
2 power window switch panels,
2 left and right register panels.