• 040Super White II
  • 089Platinum White Pearl Mica
  • 1L5Precious Metal
  • 219Precious Black Pearl
  • 3U5Emotionnal Red II


The wheel arch section adopts a shape inspired by the icon one of GR parts, generating downforce by optimizing it. The protruding sections on both sides emphasize a low center of gravity and further enhance a sporty impression.


Pursuing functional beauty, its simple and sharp shape changes into a sporty styling. It has the effect of suppressing the roll of the left and right sides.


The rear side spoiler connected to the side skirt emphasizes a wide and stable feel, while the diffuser fin in the center of the spoiler creates a sporty rear styling with a strong presence. By quickly drawing air from the underside of the vehicle with the diffuser, it improves the rear's grounding.


We adjust the height and shape in millimeters to adjust the aerodynamic balance with the front. In addition, by deflecting the wind from the rear of the vehicle upwards, the air underneath is further drawn out, improving not only the rear diffuser but also the effectiveness of the GR front spoiler. It is an item that has a synergy effect.



  • GR Front Spoiler

  • GR Side Skirts

  • GR Rear Bumper Spoiler

  • GR Roof Spoiler

  • GR Sports Side Visor

  • GR Body Stripe

  • GR Carbon Number Frame

  • GR 18inch Forged Alloy Wheel