GRヤリス スタイリングイメージ画像
GRヤリス スタイリングイメージ画像

In this new model, we have achieved aggressive aerodynamic performance inherited from previous models while further enhancing the driving experience on both the street and circuit. Revising a shape of the rear diffuser for the G Front Spoiler which can maintain front tire ground contact, we have enhanced rear tire ground contact by adding GR Roof Spoiler. These enhancements have improved stability during cornering and acceleration. In addition to aerodynamics, we can give you more excting driving experience for winding roads by improving tire grip and installing GR Performance Damper®.

*Performance Damper® is registered trademarks of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

Inspired by touring car racing, we have pursued the aerodynamic performance since the early stages of design. Implementing the evaluation of prototype parts by development drivers and refinement based on their feedback, we have achieved a simple yet functional degisn which incorporates elements contributing to driving stability. It is a blend of functionality and aesthetics for enjoyable driving from daily use to the circuit.

GRヤリス GRフロントスポイラー 空力イメージ画像

The wheel arch sections of the GR Front Spoiler generate downforce by adopting an iconic shape.

GRヤリス GRサイドスカート 空力イメージ画像

The height and shape of the GR Roof Spoiler have been finely adjusted by millimeters to balance aerodynamics with the front. Furthermore, by redirecting rearward airflow upwards with the GR Roof Spoiler, air underneath the car is efficiently drawn out, improving not only the effect of the rear diffuser but also the performance of the GR Front Spoiler. By installing them together, the items complement each other for a synergistic effect.