GR Interior Panel Set

Marble carbon pattern is used to create a high-quality sporty taste in the interior.


Material Resin(Acrylic)

GR Knee Pad

supports the driving posture when cornering.

LED Room Lamp Set

Surface emitting type LED room lamp set that can illuminate a wide area brightly.Room Lamp [Surface-emitting]×2、Luggage Room Lamp×1


Room Lamp [Surface-emitting]×1、Luggage Room Lamp×1

GR Sun Shade

Specially designed Sun shade for GR86.
It can be easily folded when not in use.

Key Cover

Aramid fiber key cover that uses "twill" with a beautiful texture.
The bumper part is machined aluminum and finished with beautifully colored alumite processing.


Material Aramid Fiber

GR Door Handle Protector

Not only preventing from scratch when opening and closing door but also dress-up around door handle. Carbon tone gives sporty image.


Material Resin(PVC)