GR Sports Side Visor

Improve the steering stability of the vehicle by attaching fin in the front and back of the visor.


Material Resin(Acrylic)

*This product doesn't have ventilation performance.

GR Discharge Sticker

Positive ion electric remove aluminum sticker with GR logo.
By sticking it on the body, it remove the charge on the body and brings out the original performance of the vehicle.


Material Aluminum
Size Approx. W50mm×H25mm

GR Coil Springs Set and GR Shock Absorber Set

DLC(Diamond-Like carbon) is coated to the shock absorber. It produce a high quality riding by low friction and smooth movement of the shock absorber rod.


Ground Clearance Approx.15mm lowered

GR "Performance Damper®"

By eliminating the vibration and noise while driving, achieve both comfort during riding and steering stability during high-speed driving at a high level.


* Performance Damper® is registered trademarks of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

GR Monoblock Brake Kit

4-pot front and 2-pot rear monoblock calipers to improve braking power and fade resistance.
The mono-block structure provides high rigidity.


< Components >
Front Monoblock Caliper (4pot)
Rear Monoblock Caliper (2pot)
Front Brake Rotor (φ345mm)
Rear Brake Rotor (φ330mm)
Caliper mounting bracket (Front / Rear)
Rubber made brake hose (Front/Rear)
Brake Pad (Front / Rear)

*Increase of braking noise and brake dust may occur.

*Brake fluid needs to be replaced.

*Genuine dust cover needs to be processing.

GR Rear V-Brace

By installing a V-shaped brace, the rigidity of the rear body is improved, so the stability of the rear is improved when cornering or stepping on the accelerator.


Material Steel

GR Member Brace Set

Comfortable ride and stable road holding performance can be achieved by reinforcing entire body floor from front to back in well-balanced to enable the suspension more effectively absorb input from the road surface.


Material Steel

< Installation position >
- Front member: 1-point ×1
- Front member: 3-point ×2
- Rear member: 2-point ×2
- Inside Rear Bumper:2-point x 1

*Recommended to use with GR Door Stabilizer.

GR Brake Pad Set

With a setting that emphasizes controllability, enable to experience damping force proportional to the force applied to the brake pedal.


Increase of braking noise and brake dust may occur.

GR Door Stabilizer

Fills the gap in the door striker area using a spacer. This provides quicker steering response by cutting down the delay from when the steering wheel is turned.


*Recommended to use with GR Member Brace.

*Door Stabilizer® is registered trademarks of AISIN CORPORATION.

GR Quick Shift Lever Set

Stroke is shortened about 10% compared to the genuine.


*Set does not include shift knob.

*Shift feeling will feel slightly heavier.

GR Oil Filler Cap

The beauty of the metal material and the GR logo in the center give the interior of the engine room a sporty and elegant look.


Material Aluminum