GR Front Spoiler

Express an aggressive front face by forming the front wing with connecting the blacked out claw-shaped ornaments in left and right together.
On the point of aerodynamic performance, drag is minimized by covering the upward surface and front tire.


Color Body Color + Matt Black
Material Resin(PPE)
Ground Clearance Approx.26mm lowered
Length Approx.37mm longer

GR Side Skirts

Express an iconic and unified styling by shaping to match the front bumper and front fender.
On the point of aerodynamic performance, the side of the body is rectificated by covering the front of the rear tire. Also by setting the cover on the back side, wobble during cornering is suppressed.


Color Body Color + Matt Black
Material Resin(PPE)
Ground Clearance Approx.25mm lowered
Length Approx.15mm longer

GR Rear Bumper Spoiler

The blackout claw shape that matches the front and side gives a sense of overall unity.
With a speedy design and four-piece mufflers realize a powerful rear view appropriate for sports cars.


Color Body Color + Matt Black
Material Resin(PPE)
Ground Clearance Approx.15mm lowered
Length Approx.13mm longer

*GR Rear Bumper Spoiler can be installed with genuine muffler.

GR Canard

Linear handling is achieved by suppressing the roll speed during steering operation.


Material Synthetic rubber(EPDM)

GR Aero Stabilizing Cover

Fille the step between the rear glass and the trunk lid and rectifies the air flowing to the trunk.Improves the aerodynamic performance of the trunk spoiler.


Color Black<212>
Material Resin(ABS)

GR Trunk Spoiler

Aggressive ducktail shape creates a sporty rear view.The shape is based on the balance with the front, ensuring rear downforce.


Material Resin(Polypropylene)

GR Fender Duct Fin

Visually accentuates the GR86's air outlet and amplifies sports car-ness.


Color Matt Back
Material Resin(ABS)

GR Sports Muffler & GR Muffler Garnish

Developed by fusing analysis technology used in race sites with acoustic analysis technology used in special vehicles under the theme of "Muffler sound that makes driving fun".
In addition, the GR logo is engraved on the tail part of Sports Muffler to produce aggressive styling.

When installing GR Sports Muffler on the Genuine Bumper,
wearing GR Muffler Garnish realize a simple and powerful rear view.


Material 【Sports Muffler】Stainless steel
【Muffler Garnish】Resin(PPE)
Size Tail End Φ86 mm (4 Pieces)

Fuel Lid Garnish

The plate part using carbon-like material is particular about the texture when touched and creates a smart fuel lid.


Material Body/ Aluminum
Plate/ Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP)