RS Racing



Mechanical 2WAY L.S.D.(Limited Slip Differential)


Newly developed for Toyota 86. Optimized cam angle enables higher response.

The LSD works directly to the accel control without any sense of discomfort.
Even with a strong setting, it will reduce the chattering sound during street use.

Clutch Cover


In order to support the high-performance quality of the clutch disc, each parts have been modified
enabling the engine power to transfer without any loss.

Reinforced diaphragm will tightly hold the pressure plate even after repeated clutch changes enabling precise clutch work.

Pressure Power: approx 6,000N
*Recommended to use with TRD clutch disc.
*Please be aware that clutch will be heavier than the standard type.

Clutch Disc (Sports Facing)


With its reinforced plate and facing pad that boasts outstanding durability, the TRD sports facing clutch disc exhibits stable operation and feeling even when used under intense clutch work or for long periods of time. It can be used for wide purposes ranging from gymkhana or street driving, that requires tactful clutch work, to motor sports racing.

*Recommended to use with TRD clutch cover.

Clutch Disc (Metal Facing)


TRD metal clutch discs were specially developed to handle the harsh use demanded particularly by hard motor sports racing. The plate is made from reinforced bolts and springs, and facing from special alloy pad enabling the metal clutch to give the direct clutch feeling with durability.

* Recommended to use with TRD clutch cover.
* Since the clutch's character will differ completely from standard type, please be aware when start driving on first time.

Light Weight Flywheel


TRD Lightweight Flywheel delivers outstanding engine response and sharp pick-up by reducing the weight and moment of inertia by 40% compare with standard type.

Material: chromium-molybdenum steel
*Installing this Flywheel may cause juddering and noise with rough idling.

Quick Shift Lever Set


20 percent shorter stroke (8 mm shorten stroke)
Makes quicker and secure shift change.

*Shift feeling will feel slightly heavier.
*Kit does not include shift knob.