RS Racing



Steering Wheel & Interior Boot Set (for MT/AT, RHD only)


Red color stitched Steering wheel and Interior panel made by carbon fiber, will improve the feel of the material and improve racy feeling of the interior.

<Steering Wheel>
* Material: Genuine leather (made by MOMO)
* Diameter: 360mm
* Red stitch
* TRD logo
<Interior Boot Set for MT/AT, RHD only>
* Contents Shift boot(Leather), Parking Brake Boot(Leather), Shift ring (Aluminium, anodizing on alminium finithing,TRD logo)

Interior Panel Set (for RHD only)

インテリア インテリア

Interior Panel made from dry carbon, cultivated by LFA technology.
Finished with matte clear paint to avoid unnecesary reflection.

Content: 2 piece of Instrument panel
Door switch base Left & Right (for RHD model only).

Material : Dry Carbon (Finished with matte clear paint)

Sports Seat (Semi bucket type)


For customer whom looking for better seat holding performance, with reclining mechanism to keep everyday driving comfortable.

* One-touch reclining mechanism (40-stage adjustment).
* Hip point is same with standard seats.
* Note: Side air bag function will be lost.
* Please install with Exclusive Seat Rail. ( comes with side airbag canceler ).

Full Bucket Seat (for Right side only)


High rigidity, light shell full bucket seat, suitable for hard drive.
Structured to be safe and comfortable from diver's point of view.
Full cover type which does not require change in bording capacity when installing.

* Side air bag function will be lost.
* When installation, please use Exclusive Seat Rail (with side airbag canceler) and
Seat Bracket.
* FIA approved

Sports Meter Kit ( 2 DIN type )


TRD sports meter kit gives you precise engine condition information during driving.
* This kit is exclusively designed for 86.

*1. When Sports meter kit is installed, standard 2DIN space for audio and navigation system will be occupied.
*2. This parts is for Japan domestic market only.

Shift Knob (real leather) (M/T, A/T)


A new item designed specifically for this model. This knob is wrapped in real leather for an improved grip when shifting. Normally, aluminum shift knobs absorb heat when the temperature is high, which causes shifting difficulty. The concave shape of the top of the shift knob enables easier grip even when things heat up.
Also, the height is lower than the standard part, allowing you to pull the reverse lever while holding the shift knob.

* TRD shift knobs other than the above cannot be installed.

Push Start Switch


Awaken your racing spirit every time you push this TRD logo push start switch.
Sharp design sense in these small details sets your vehicle apart from the crowd.
Provides the same function and quality as the standard part.

This vehicle's push start switch is very noticeable as it is located on the center console. Switching it out will lend an even sportier look to your vehicle's interior.

SUN SHADE (Exclusive part for 86)

サンシェード サンシェード

TRD sun shade is exclusively designed for 86 front window.
This set comes with special sun shade case.

KEY CASE (For smart entry key)


New key case made with real leather.
Red stitch adds little spice to its design.

* Exclusively for GT-limited, GT(smart key)

Seat Belt Shoulder Pad Set

Black stitch
Red stitch

For genuine seat belt, Driver and Passenger side set.

Color: Black stitch / Red stitch
Comes with driver and passenger side as set.