RS Racing



HID Bulb Kit


Featuring a color temperature raised as high as 6000K, this kit answers the popular demand for a stronger, whiter beam.
With a dazzling shine that almost outdoes the sun, it will stylishly highlight your vehicle's front mask.

*2pcs. included in a package
*Only for Discharge headlight Models.

LED Clearance Bulb kit


Raising the clearance bulb's color temperature to 6000K creates a dazzlingly bright light, bringing sports atmosphere to the front mask.

*2pcs. included in a package
*Only Halogen headlight Model

Winker Bulb


Silver coating on the orange turn signal bulb provides a silvery appearance when the bulb is not lit. Recommended for customers with an eye for detail.

*2pcs. included in a package

Does the orange bulb color visible through the clear lens bother you when the lights are off?
This bulb has a silver coating, so the orange color is nearly invisible when the bulb is not lit. This gives a clean and smooth look to the entire clear lens. This vehicle has especially visible bulbs, so this bulb is particularly effective in giving the vehicle a more stylish look. Naturally, the bulb shines orange when lit.

Radiator Cap


Increasing the pressure inside the radiator to raise the boiling point (by increasing the valve opening pressure of the radiator cap) will control air bubbles. This improves the cooling effect and optimizes the radiator's cooling function.
*Relief pressure 127kPa(1.3kgf/cm²)

Recommended for use in driving environments where the engine exerts high RPM (such as winding roads and racing circuits).

Fuel Cap Cover


Feel the quality with this lustrous metallic silver color and stamped metal logo.
The hexagon bolt provides a heavy duty feel, and the whole package brings a sporty look to the fuel tank.

Oil Filler Cap


This product’s metal elegance and central TRD logo bring sports spirit and quality to the engine room.
It features a hole for a spring lock in anticipation of motorsports applications.
Fitting a spring lock is also possible.

This item was specially designed due to differences in screw pitch, size, etc. with existing Toyota vehicles.
Let your care and attention extend to the oft-unseen engine room with this item.
* This item cannot be installed on Toyota vehicles other than Toyota 86.

Sports Oil Filter


A sports-quality oil filter that keeps your engine clean through even the most extreme high RPM conditions.
The backup net prevents paper deformation and provides high durability.

We also recommend switching to the TRD “Super Sports Pro” or “Super Racing Pro” engine oils along with this item.
* The photo differs from the product corresponding to this vehicle.

Battery Clamp


One point item of 86 TRD Strut tower bar imitation 

*Shaft : Made from real carbon (with TRD logo)
*This can not be installed to vehicle for cold district, due to the difference in Battery size.

Sticker (E-type)


Cursive font type sticker used in TRD demo-car.

Color: Black/ Silver
Size: (Large) W 498mm×H 65mm (Small) W 314mm×H 38mm