We had the opportunity to have conversations with many customers who love “F” through IS F CCS Parts.
Many customers smiled and said, “This is the type of product I wanted,” and “this is the first time I have seen parts that I can actually experience.”

On the other hand, there were many requests from customers, such as “actually I wanted it this way,” or “if only XX was like this.”
We have visited various places all over Japan with IS F CCS Parts in order to learn what customers were really looking for. Gradually, we began to hear specific opinions from customers, like “vehicles jump around on XX on Mt. YY nearby,” or “I am now able to drive comfortably on the road I usually use to get to ZZ.”

After hearing opinions from customers, we actually drove the roads to experience them.
We did so for three years, “conversing” with roads, and felt that road conditions in Japan vary greatly.

Naturally, the mileage of a demonstration IS F CCS Parts vehicle exceeded 100,000 kilometers.
Additionally, we could evaluate the durability of the vehicle by driving various roads from circuits to public roads.

These conversations were accumulated over three years and this became our knowledge.
Of course the latest technical data is necessary for craftsmanship, but knowledge communicates our heart and soul to materials.

Everything we do is to give our customers bigger smiles.



Exciting-looking rear diffuser
Flexible yet firmly fitting ride quality of a different dimension
Colorful orange theme color
Well-assembled light and highly rigid dry carbon

Some of them share and achieve the ideal of IS F CCS-R that is declared as the benchmark of RC F.

Three years have passed since the release of IS F CCS Parts.
What should we leave behind for the next generation and what should we produce?


Three years ago, smartphones were still the minority in the cell phone industry.
Carbon has spread gradually around the world, and various new materials and methods were created.

Only three years, yet still three years.
We hope to deliver technological progress and concentrated knowledge to everyone.

The RC F CCS Concept for the next generation will surely take over the idea of IS F CCS-R and lineage of IS F CCS Parts.


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