We have been developing genuine vehicles for a long time. This is our origin. As a result of our work for genuine development, which is one of our strengths, we are able to compete against the special models of the European sports models by adding a greater depth to the flavor of our genuine vehicle.

We wanted to add more taste to our genuine materials without changing their flavor.

To do so, we mainly focused on aerodynamics for the first generation of IS F CCS Parts.

These CCS Parts that take advantage of aerodynamics were successful in ensuring conflicting performance: travelling performance and drivers' comfort.

This was proven by not only by the owners who purchased vehicles but also by customers who took a short test drive and commented that they “felt the experience”.

For the next generation, we started by looking back our work from three years ago.

The objective was to share three types of elements with the development team —“elements to leave behind”, “elements to develop”, and “elements to newly add”.

We also thoroughly analyzed our genuine models and made a comparison with the racing class CCS-R.

Test drivers and even drivers who do not usually drive on a circuit became involved with the project.

Members of the development team passionately discussed their ideal vehicle repeatedly with their own sensibilities.

We could not think of keywords at our desks, but once we actually drove the vehicle, we found them immediately.

“We want to accelerate more, we can accelerate more,
and we want to drive it more.”

Without clear keywords, ideals image change quickly depending on the team.

To find clearer keywords, we strove to drive on various roads.


Unlike a circuit, there are various disturbances on public roads.

The phrase “rough road surface” cannot cover all of these disturbances.

There are mountain roads that have not been maintained for a long time and roads that are worn out by snow. Additionally, there are roads with deep wheel tracks on which heavy trucks travel.

Vehicle tires with a hard suspension separates from the road surface and jump in the air when travelling on rough mountain roads, especially while turning corners that are extremely bumpy. Right at the moment that tires lose grip, many drivers become scared and it is difficult for them to drive comfortably.

Even on expressways, vehicles experience a sudden gust of wind on long bridges and the vehicle attitude becomes significantly unstable when passing trucks due to strong air turbulence.


At that moment, drivers have to grip the steering wheel hard.

We reached the keywords, “We want to accelerate more, we can accelerate more, and we want to drive it more.”

Now we are committed to removing these “moments” that drivers cannot accelerate as much as possible.

We aimed to create suspensions that move flexibly and a body balance that is stable at speed just like mogul skiers who overcome bumps easily. That is fast and light but yet solid and stable movement. This conflicting movement is our ideal for creating vehicles with the ultimate public road specifications, “Circuit Club Sport Parts”.

Having said that, though, we would like to lastly add that,

“We will never create vehicles that cannot be driven on a circuit”.


Everything we do is for drivers to drive comfortably both daily and on a circuit.


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