Circuit Club Sport Parts

Circuit Club Sport Concept

CIRCUIT = The ultimate safe place to drive

CLUB = With friends to talk about driving

SPORT = Enjoy driving

This concept is the emotion itself that was shared with the chief engineer and development team when TRD was participating in the development of a vehicle known as “IS F” today.

This emotion was expressed to the world in 2010 by one vehicle called the “CCS Concept”.

In the following year 2011, the emotion was achieved by two vehicles: the Circuit Club Sport Racer (CCS-R), a vehicle especially for the circuit, and the Circuit Club Sport Parts (CCS Parts), a vehicle with the ultimate specifications for street.

Before long, the name “Circuit Club Sport” was only given to special vehicles that carry all the knowledge and emotions that TRD possesses.

>RC F Circuit Club Sport Parts

>IS F Circuit Club Sport Parts

Circuit Club Sport Parts

What are the ultimate specifications for the street?

We do not want to just make vehicles that can only be driven on circuits where most of the road is flat. Indeed, our target is to make vehicles that can be driven daily as well as on circuits, which is one of the concepts of IS F, and we have devoted even greater effort to develop this feature not for lap time but rather a comfortable ride.

Unlike a circuit, there are various disturbances on public roads.

The phrase “rough road surface” cannot cover all of these disturbances.

There are mountain roads that have not been maintained for a long time and roads that are worn out by snow. Additionally, there are roads with deep wheel tracks on which heavy trucks travel.


Vehicle tires with a hard suspension separates from the road surface and jump in the air when travelling on rough mountain roads, especially while turning corners that are extremely bumpy. Right at the moment that tires lose grip, many drivers become scared and it is difficult for them to drive comfortably.


Even on expressways, vehicles experience a sudden gust of wind on long bridges and the vehicle attitude becomes significantly unstable when passing trucks due to strong air turbulence.

At that moment, drivers have to grip the steering wheel hard.


It is our mission to remove these “moments” as much as possible.

For this, we use suspensions that move flexibly and choose a body balance that is stable at speed. We aimed to create movement like mogul skiers who overcome bumps easily. That is fast and light but yet solid and stable movement. This conflicting movement is our ideal for creating vehicles with the ultimate public road specifications, “Circuit Club Sport Parts”.

Having said that, though, we would like to lastly add that,

“We will never create vehicles that cannot be driven on a circuit”.

Everything we do is for drivers to drive comfortably both daily and on a circuit.