"Circuit Club Sport Parts"

Skillfully tuned for exhilaration

The LEXUS IS F was designed to take the original appeal of cars, the fun of driving, to the limit.
The LEXUS IS F Circuit Club Sport Parts series available from TRD is a comprehensive range of accessories that enhance the appeal of the LEXUS IS F.
Eliminating all compromises, TRD has achieved superior handling with its own techniques and premium-selected materials.
You can enjoy a sophisticated sports-style driving experience more comfortably and at a higher level.

The LEXUS IS F has already earned its reputation as a premium sports car. We wanted to further improve its appeal and performance.

It was a tremendous challenge for us at TRD to develop the LEXUS IS F Circuit Club Sport Parts series. We have our own technologies and experience in developing production vehicles that have been constructed through close cooperation with automobile manufacturers over many years, as well as know-how in developing racing cars such as the GT500. We are not merely a parts manufacturer and hence have taken the time and effort to enhance development by pursuing our originality without compromise.
We used high-quality materials, such as carbon, titanium, and magnesium, for parts that need to be light-weight and highly rigid. Although these materials require time, technology, and know-how to process, we are able to achieve our exacting standards with these materials.
With proven performance, carbon parts express themselves with a high-quality clear-paint finish. Once settled into the cockpit, the driver will be thrilled by the interior panel, the air outlet seen out of the front window, and the rear spoiler reflected in the rear-view mirror. The difference in the driving quality will be instantly recognizable from the moment the car pulls away.

The driving sensation experienced with the LEXUS IS F Circuit Club Sport Parts accessories lies in the quality of the parts. They achieve the targeted straight and linear kinematic performance by thorough data analysis that uses racing car development methods, such as CFD analysis, wind tunnel testing with an actual car, and post-rig evaluation, in addition to a driving evaluation that is repeated until the test driver is satisfied. This work included reviewing the spring rate while modifying stabilizer rigidity, damping force, and tire size.
Furthermore, we carefully considered the basic specifications of the car body so that the front and rear spoilers optimize the aerodynamic balance. The LEXUS IS F Circuit Club Sport Parts accessories promise the thrill of high-speed driving with a flexible and soft ride that also provides a stable rolling balance and neutral steering characteristics, and an overwhelming sense of safety derived from a strong down force.


Substantial experience and technologies cultivated at racing venues

Carbon Hood

Carbon Hood
The LEXUS IS F has a powerful V8 engine, so reducing the weight at the front of the car greatly contributes to kinematic performance. Through the use of carbon, the hood is 4 kg lighter than the manufacturer’s aluminum part and allows for a light and quick response. Moreover, mounting an air outlet improves the exoergic performance of the engine room.

Carbon Front Spoiler

Carbon Front Spoiler
The shape of the front spoiler creates downforce by effectively using the air flowing under the surface of the body. Balancing the front downforce with the rear downforce generated from the large rear spoiler ensures optimal downforce for the entire body and improves the initial response when steering the car.

Carbon Rear Diffuser

Carbon Rear Diffuser
Unidirectional airflow under the body surface is an important point in considering aerodynamics. The shape of the carbon rear diffuser enables effective exhaustion of air under the surface flowing from the front, and this contributes to a stable downforce. By adopting a large-scale fin, the LEXUS IS F’s straight-running stability is greatly improved in an ultra-high speed range.


Carbon Rear Spoiler

Carbon Rear Spoiler
The airflow above and underneath the wing is optimized using CFD analysis. The rear downforce in the mid- to high-speed range in particular is significantly improved. The back-end of the wing is a Gurney flap shape that leads to a stronger downforce. The “F” logo on the wing end plate of the carbon materials exemplifies the details that can be achieved only through our highly skilled engineering techniques.


CFD Analysis

Technologies and know-how for CFD analysis that are frequently used to develop top-class racing cars have been widely utilized.
By precisely comparing the results of CFD analysis and wind tunnel testing data obtained using actual vehicles, accurate and efficient development was achieved.



Wind tunnel testing using actual vehicles

1/1 scale wind tunnel testing was performed using actual vehicles rather than a scale model.
Various data, such as air flow and pressure distribution, was collected to conduct more precise aerodynamic tuning.

Chassis & DriveTrain

Distinct feedback from practice

2Way Adjustable Suspension Kit

Two-Way  Adjustable Suspension Kit
Keeping the benefits of a fixed damping force suspension kit, the 2Way  Adjustable Suspension Kit with independently adjustable rebound and compression adds variable settings to suit the ability and taste of the driver. Combined with the steering rack brace, the steering rudder responds linearly and achieves sharp handling.

Adjustable Suspension Kit

Adjustable Suspension Kit
In order to sufficiently demonstrate the targeted performance, highly precise race dampers and springs were employed, and the spring rate and damping force were thoroughly reviewed. This achieved both high handling stability and a smooth ride.

Post-rig evaluation

The suspension was developed by using the post-rig evaluation method that is used to develop top-class racing cars around the world. High-dimension tuning was achieved by digitalizing sensual tuning.

Magnesium Forged Wheel

Magnesium Forged Wheel
Maintaining a light weight equivalent to aluminum, this magnesium forged wheel provides a significant improvement in rigidity. With superb rigidity, the magnesium forged wheel offers sharp handling and elegant straight spokes that make the lower half of the LEXUS IS F shine.

Aluminum Forged Wheel

Aluminum Forged Wheel
This is an aluminum forged wheel that was designed to be light: it is 10 kg lighter than the manufacturer’s standard product. A large-diameter brake can be seen through the thin spokes, and this not only expresses a sporty style but also helps to cool the system.


Each LSD is handmade by skilled German craftsmen at Drexler. There is no unpleasant sound or drag, making it unnoticeable to the driver. However, it demonstrates enormous traction when driving force is applied.

Brake Pad

Brake Pad
This brake pad adds further control to the manufacturer’s brakes, which boast a strong stopping force.


See it, touch it, and be thrilled.

Carbon Interior Panelkit

Carbon Interior Panel Kit
In order to coordinate with the exterior, a panel kit that uses the same carbon material is used for the interior. The inorganic yet warm texture of carbon decorates the sporty and high-performance feel of the cockpit.

Body & Unit

The sound not only lends itself to the performance but also appeals to the driver’s emotions.

Titan Muffler

Titanium Muffler
Suppressing the booming noise at low load and maintaining comfort, this titanium muffler stimulates the driver’s senses with its dry tone when accelerating. A high level of handling stability has been achieved with a significant weight decrease, 7 kg lighter than the manufacturer’s standard product, and the use of an independent stay to suppress muffler movement.

Performance Damper Kit

Performance Damper Kit
Rigidity is improved by coupling the left and right sides of the body to achieve a flat and high-quality ride. In addition to firming up the body, these dampers increase the feeling of the wheels on the ground to ensure the chassis performance that enables steering to react linearly.

LEXUS IS F "Circuit Club Sport Parts" List

※ These parts has already discontinued production.
Category Description Recommended Package List Price
Stage1 Stage2 Stage3
Exterior Carbon Hood *1 780,000
Carbon Front Spoiler 1,518,000
Carbon Rear Diffuser
Carbon Rear Spoiler *2
Interior Carbon Interior Panel Kit 250,000
Chassis &
2-way Damping Force Adjustable Suspension Kit     1,122,000
Damping Force Fixed Suspension Kit   572,000
Front Stabilizer *4
Rear Stabilizer
Forged Magnesium Wheel *5     600,000
Forged Aluminum Wheel *5     360,000
Brake Pad (Fr/Rr) 75,000
LSD *3   438,000
Body &
Front Performance Damper 100,000
Rear Performance Damper
Titanium Muffler 498,000

※Specification/Price may change without advance notification.
*1*2 For installation, coloring expense will be charged additionally.
*2 Repair parts, process on trunk, and coloring will be necessary.
*3 Depending car production date, Toyota genuine accessory will be necessary.
*4 Price is included in each suspension kit.
*5 Tire, Lexus genuine center cap and installation nut will be necessary.
Security lock nut (separately sold) can be used for installation.
Please view the following page for detail.  MS212-00005