GR "Performance Damper®"

Specifically designed Dumper installed in front and behind of body. It improves the comfortable of driving with reducing the noise and vibration during driving. And also, Improving the steering stability during high speed range.


* Performance Damper® is registered trademarks of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

IR Cut Window Film

This film relieves the irritability of the skin caused by direct sunlight. Also it reduce the temperature rise in the car and improve the effect of air conditioning.


Color Smork, Dark Smork
Material Resin(PET)

Photo: Dark Smork

Smork Dark Smork
Visible Light Transmittance 21% 8%
UV Block 99% 99%
Infrared Energy Rejection 54% 60%

GR Luggage Mat

With GR emblem.


Material Polypropylene

GR Sun Shade

We designed dedicated Sunshade for HARRIER. You can also fold away easily when not using.