Parts List

Below chart shows all part No. that can be installed to subjected model.
However, this list is based on Japanese model. Our products are intended only for use within Japan.
We cannot provide any information regarding their suitability for use outside Japan.

Products Specification Required
Qty per
1 vehicle
Number GR SPORT Remarks
GR Front Spoiler Black<212> 1 MS341-B2001
GR Side Skirts Black<212> 1 MS344-B2001
GR Rear Side Spoiler Black<212> 1 MS343-B2001
GR Front Corner Spoiler Black<212> 1 MS345-B2001
GR Rear Trunk Spoiler Black<212> 1 MS342-B2001
GR "Performance Damper®" 1 MS303-B2001 ※1
GR Fuel Lid Garnish 1 MS360-B2001
GR Carbon Number Frame Front 1 MS371-00001
Rear 1 MS371-00001
GR Discharge Sticker Small 1 MS373-B2001
GR Armrest 1 MS357-B2001
Winker bulb Set "dressing up" Front 1 MS402-00006
Rear 1 MS402-00006

※1.Performance Damper® is registered trademarks of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.