Exterior Parts for Aero Body

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5** Catalog No. is linked with Toyota Accessory & Customize catalog for Japan domestic.

With LED
Without LED

503 Front spoiler

You can choose earthier with LED or without LED as you like.

Material:Resin (PPE)
LED color :White
Ground clearance:Approx.40mm lowered
Length:Approx.45mm longer

※There is no switch ON/OFF, Always on LED light when ignition on.
※Products without LED is not enable for installing LED.

504 Side skirt

Material:Resin (PPE) +Plating coat
Ground clearance:Approx.25㎜ lowered

505 Rear bumper spoiler&High response muffler

Material:【Spoiler】Resin(PPE)+Plating coat 
     【Muffler】Stainless steel
Ground clearance:Approx. 5㎜ lowered
Length:Approx.20mm longer
Size:【Tale end】W96×H64㎜

506 Rear bumper spoiler

Material:[Spoiler]Resin(PPE)+Plating coat 
Ground clearance:Approx.5mm lowered
Length:Approx.20mm longer

519 Front hood extension

Aero parts installed at back-end of front hood.

520 B-Pillar garnish

It gives a special impression by connecting the design from front window to rear window. In addition, it adds a fin shape, improves aerodynamic performance, and appearance.

Material:Resin (ABS)

521 Rear quote garnish

Garnish installing with the back-end of side window.
We aim improvement of the Aerodynamics by adding the shape of fin.