Effect of vertical G-force suppression
The damping effect of the "Performance Damper®" suppresses vertical G-force (vertical vibration caused by bumps and road undulations while driving).
As a result, compared to before the "Performance Damper®" was installed, the vibrations in various frequency bands that people feel while riding are suppressed, leading to improved ride comfort.

Effect of lateral G-force suppression
The damping effect of the "Performance Damper®" suppresses lateral G-forces (horizontal vibrations that occur when driving over undulating road surfaces or bumps).
Compared to before installation of the "Performance Damper®", after the vehicle sways in the lateral direction, the afterglow converges faster and the peak acceleration value is smaller.
By suppressing this lateral G-force, the unpleasant lateral vibration felt while riding is reduced, suppressing motion sickness, etc., leading to a higher level of ride comfort.

Effect of installing the GR "Performance Damper®" set

■ Reduces the swaying of the head in the left and right direction, making it less likely to get car sick.
■ Vibration on road surfaces with small vibrations such as general roads is reduced, resulting in a smooth ride that feels like driving on a newly paved road.
■ The driver can accurately feel the steering weight that matches the movement of the vehicle, allowing the driver to steer as desired.
In addition, the driver can clearly feel feedback on the movement of the vehicle when cornering.
■ Straight-line stability is improved by improving the responsiveness of small steering operations of about 30 degrees, giving the car a solid impression.

*Recommended to install together with
"GR Door Stabilizer & GR Brace Set".

Effect of installing the GR "Performance Damper®" set (for Indoors)

■ Reduces head swaying in the left and right direction in the rear seat
■ By absorbing fine vibrations from the road surface, the ride comfort of the rear seats in particular is improved.
■ Vibration to the rear seats when going over bumps is reduced

Effect of installing the GR Door Stabilizer & GR Brace Set

■ Realizes steering stability by turning the steering wheel as much as you turn it.
■ Improved responsiveness from the moment the steering wheel is turned and a feeling of grounding of the four wheels
■ Reduces Shaking vibrations even on rough roads such as general roads

*Recommended to install together with "GR Performance Damper®".

*Data measurement differs from the actual vehicle.
Image shows the effect of "Performance Damper®".
*Performance Damper® is registered trademarks of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.
*Door Stabilizer® is registered trademarks of AISIN CORPORATION.

During development, we tuned the body with a focus on the movement of the rear suspension.
By installing a miniaturized "Performance Damper®" on the seat itself, it directly absorbs the vibration transmitted to the rear seats. In addition, by adding a damping effect directly from the rear seats to the floor, the rear suspension, which is the foundation of the vehicle, works effectively, realizing improvements in both dynamic performance and ride comfort.
Experience the comfort of a luxury car with a flat ride that is not only soft but also has effective damping.