While we are making every attempt to update this website with the most current information, please note that product specifications and List Price(JPY)s are subject to change without notice. Before making your purchase, always check with a distributor handling TRD parts for the latest information. Please note that all List Price(JPY)s are displayed in Japanese yen. Parts prices shown are not global price. Please confirm the local price to your local TRD distributor.

Parts that have been exclusively designed for competition are parts intended solely for race tracks and other such non-public courses. When these parts are installed in a vehicle, that vehicle will be in violation of traffic regulation and safety standards. If a vehicle with parts exclusively designed for competition is to be made into a vehicle capable of legally operating on common roadways, it is the responsibility of the owner to install the required equipment, modify the accessories, perform the necessary adjustments and take all other steps necessary to bring the vehicle into compliance with traffic regulation and safety standards. In addition, such vehicles may require revised registration and inspection as a modified vehicle.

Unless otherwise stated, parts shown as being for racing are parts exclusively designed for competition.

Note that rules and regulations will vary among competitions. It is your responsibility to use the TRD parts in accordance with the specific rules and regulations of each competition.

The vehicles listed as compatible for the parts indicated are assumed to be vehicles for the Japanese models.
Accordingly, it may not be possible to install these parts on specialty vehicles or on vehicles with export or import specifications.

The appropriateness of the part in regards to safety standards is based on Japanese safety standards and therefore may not be applicable in other countries.

Always read the "Installation Manual" or the booklet entitled "To our customers" that is provided with each product, as they will help you fully enjoy the product you have purchased. DO NOT modify any part of the products.

Always follow the Repair Manual (issued by the Toyota Motor Corporation) for the vehicle to which the part is to be installed and the procedure manual for the installation. It is always best to have parts that are critical to the safe operation of the vehicle replaced at a specialized maintenance shop.

Unless otherwise stated, the List Price(JPY) is the suggested retail price and does not include installation costs.

Please contact a distributor handling TRD products for specific details about installation costs.

Please note that the actual colors of the vehicles and parts may be different than the printed colors and the colors seen on your computer monitor. This is due to differences in printing methods and computer monitors.

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There is no warranty for the TRD parts or for problems occurring in vehicles to which they have been installed.

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