Sophisticated Parts will bring you the "excitement and comfortable driving."

Aero parts that realize cruising in high speed will bring you unleashed mind. And You will be touched with installing our 21-inch Forged alloy wheel bringing elegant and fascinating ride comfort. We present "only your LC" with adding our clarify sports parts to graceful coupe line.

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Color images
Black Edition images

Exterior color / 

083 White Nova Glass Flake

212 Black

223 Graphite Black Glass Flake

Interior color / 



Flare red

Aerodynamics Cowling / 



外装色 / 

083 White Nova Glass Flake

1G0 Dark Gray Mica

1J2 Sonic Silver

1J7 Sonic Titanium

212 Black

223 Graphite Black Glass Flake

3T5 Radiant Red Contrast Layering

4Y1 Blazing Carnelian Contrasting Layering

5C1 Naples Yellow Contrast Layering

6X4 Terrain Khaki Mica Metallic

8X5 Deep Blue Mica



Wind direction and aerodynamic balance are exquisitely tuned, it brings sporty driving and good steering feel. Its ride comfort will be like Grand touring car with excitement and comfort.

Front Spoiler

501 Front Spoiler
The spoilers, installed on each of the left and right sides of the front end produce appropriate down force and a more impressive look for the front mask of the vehicle. And ,center rubber lips bring moderate downforce and also play the role in bumper guard.

Material: Spoiler/Resin(PPE) Rubber rip/Resin(EPDM)
Ground Clearance:Approx. 30mm lowered
* The spoilers are confirmed that the pop-up action of the engine hood functions properly.


Side Skirts

502 Side Skirts
Its designed to focus on matching the shape of the glamarous shape of rear fender. Rectifying the airflow on the side of body, improve the straight-line driving stability.

* For the best effect, it is recommended to install the Front spoiler, Rear diffuser & Rear side spoiler, and Rear spoiler together.

Material: Resin(PPE)
Ground Clearance:Approx. 20 mm lowered
*A genuine jack cannot be used.


Rear Diffuser & Rear Side Spoiler

503 Rear Diffuser & Rear Side Spoiler
The design adopting Diffuser fins and Mesh air duct will produce a sporty appearance. It also brings moderate downforce and straight-line driving stability.

Material: Resin(PPE)
Ground Clearance:Approx. 25 mm lowered


Rear Spoiler

504 Rear Spoiler
Rectifying the airflow over the trunk lid to reduce lift at the rear, improving the driving stability of the vehicle.

* For the best effect, it is recommended to install the Front spoiler, Side skirt and Rear diffuser & Rear side spoiler together.

Material: Resin(PPE)



Aerodynamics Cowling

508 Aerodynamics Cowling
With a design extending from the front seat headrest to the rear, the open style is emphasized. Moreover, it effective to reduce entrainment of unpleasant wind. 

color:White Nova Glass Flake、Black
Material: Resin(CFRP)
*When this part is installed, only 2 passengers can ride.


Rear Wing

509 Rear Wing
With Floating-type Rear Wing, the driving stability is improved. The carbon pattern on the back further enhances the luxury.

Color: Wing top surface and Stay bracket/Black
    Back of Wing/Clear Coated
Material: Resin(CFRP)



Aerodynamics Mirror Cover

506 Aerodynamics Mirror Cover 
Color: Black(212)
Material: Resin(ABS)


Forged Aluminum Wheel

It's balanced at high dimensional with light weight and high rigidity.

21inch Forged Aluminum Wheel

505 21inch Forged Alloy Wheel
Especially developed focusing on the design of spokes, but of course It has features such as light weight and high rigidity. Reduction of unsprang weight and improvement of rigidity to contribute to flexible ride comfort and stable load holding performance.

Weight: 【Diamond Gray Metallic,Ice Black(Black matted)】FR 13.5 kg, RR 14.4 kg (per 1pc)
     【Lunanium Gun Metallic】FR 13.6 kg, RR 15.3 kg (per 1pc)
Material: Aluminum forging (1 piece)
Size : FR 21×8.5J inset20
    RR 21×9.5J inset20

For Diamond Gray Metallic and Ice Black(Black matted) : Conical Style Nuts
For Lunanium Gun Metallic : Mug Style Nuts
※Run flat tire is not included.
(Recommendation size : FR 245/40RF21 RR 275/35RF21)
※If standard vehicle installed with 21inch forged aluminum wheel, it is possible to remove and reuse the Run-flat tire.


Below chart shows all part No. that can be installed to subjected model.
However, this list is based on Japanese model. Our products are intended only for use within Japan.
We cannot provide any information regarding their suitability for use outside Japan.

※ Please note that sales of "F Sports Parts" (TRD) products are limited to Lexus authorized dealers only.  

Products Specification parts number Application(○:Applicable、△It depends on condition、-:No) Remarks Required
Qty per
1 vehicle
LC500h LC500
"L package"   AVIATION "S package" LC coupe LC convertible
"L package"   AVIATION "S package" Convertible Structural Blue
Front Spoiler
Painted MS341-11001-※5 - 1
Non-painted MS341-11002-NP
Side Skirts
Painted MS344-11001-※5 - 1
Non-painted MS344-11002-NP
Rear Diffuser & Rear Side Spoiler※1  Painted MS313-11001-※5 - 1
Non-painted MS313-11002-NP
Rear Spoiler
Painted MS342-11001-※5 - - - - 1
Non-painted MS342-11002-NP
21inch Forged Alloy Wheel
Diamond Gray Metallic
Front(1 wheel) MS213-11001 2
Rear (1 wheel) MS213-11002 2
Conical Style Nuts MS212-00003 1
21inch Forged Alloy Wheel
Ice Black(Black matted)
Front(1 wheel) MS213-11003 2
Rear (1 wheel) MS213-11004 2
Conical Style Nuts MS212-00003 1
21inch Forged Alloy Wheel
Lunanium Gun Metallic
Front(1 wheel) MS213-11007 2
Rear (1 wheel) MS213-11008 2
Mug Style Nuts MS212-00013 1
Aerodynamics Mirror Cover ※1  MS329-00001 1
Aerodynamics Cowling white MS336-11001 - - - - - - - - - - 1
black MS336-11002
Rear Wing MS342-11004 - - - - - - - - - - 1
Performance Damper ※6 MS303-11001 - - - - - - - 1
MS303-11002 - - - - - - -
MS303-11003 - - - - - - - - - -

※We have not confirmed basically whether our parts will be installable with `LEXUS genuine accessories` excluding a part of our parts.

※1 : Drilling to the body/bumper or resin product will be required when installing. 
※2 : Please be noted that genuine wheel center cap is needed separate to install this parts. Standard equipped genuine wheel center cap is useable. Separate TPMS bulb will be required for installation. Standard equipped genuine TPMS is useable.
※3 : This product do not include tire. Recommended tire (Front 245/40RF21 x 2 and Rear 275/35RF21 x 2) is required.
※4 : Vehicle installed with 21inch forged Aluminum Wheel can use genuine Run flat tire.
※5 : The following code is added for each color for the part number of the painted parts.
    White Nova Glass Flake (083)・・・A1
    Graphite black glass flakes(223)・・・C2
※6 : Performance Damper® is registered trademarks of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.


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