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083 White Nova Glass Flake "For F SPORT only"

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083 White Nova Glass Flake "For F SPORT only"

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Wing-like aero parts that brings stability and smoothness to high-speed cruising with superior aerodynamic performance.

Front Spoiler

Front Spoiler
Material: Resin(PPE)
Ground Clearance:Approx. 49mm lowered

* The spoilers are confirmed that the pop-up action of the engine hood functions properly.


Aerodynamics Mirror Cover

Aerodynamics Mirror Cover
Color: Black(212)
Material: Resin(ABS)


Side Skirts

Side Skirts
Material: Resin(PPE)
Ground Clearance:Approx. 56mm lowered

*A genuine jack cannot be used.


Sports Muffler & Rear Diffuser

Sports Muffler & Rear Diffuser
*The sports muffler and diffuser must be mounted together.

Material: Rear diffuser/Resin(PPE&AES)
      Sports muffler/Stainless steel
Size(Sports Muffler): Tale end/φ76mm
Length: Approx. 22mm longer
Ground Clearance: Approx. 34mm lowered


Chassis & Drivetrain

Brace that is balanced with high driving performance and flexible ride comfort.
Performance Damper® combining high responsiveness handling and smooth ride comfort.
Forged aluminum wheel balanced at the highest level with light weight and high rigidity.

20inch Forged Alloy Wheel

20inch Forged Alloy Wheel
20inch forged alloy wheels realize a "YET" Philosophy- inch-up and weight reduction.

Material: Aluminum forging (1 piece)
Color: Melanite Gun Metallic
Size : FR 20×8.5J inset45
    RR 20×9.5J inset55
Weight: FR 12.1 kg, RR 12.6 kg (per 1pc)

* Product does not include wheel center cap and TPWS valve.
For installation, a genuine wheel cap "F SPORT" and TPWS valve are required separately.It is possible to use a standard installation TPWS valve, and in the case of "F SPORT", a standard installation wheel center cap can also be used.

*This product does not include tires.A separate tire (recommended size: FR 225 / 35R20 RR 265/30R20) is required.


Performance Damper

Performance Damper®
It improves the comfortable of driving with reducing the noise and vibration during driving. And also, Improving the steering stability during high speed range.
* Performance Damper® is registered trademarks of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.


Member Brace

Member Brace
Comfortable ride with stable road holding performance can be achieved
by reinforcing the body floor area from front to back.
This product enables the suspension to directly absorb any input from the ground.

Material: steel
Ground Clearance: Approx. 10mm lowered



Below chart shows all part No. that can be installed to subjected model.
However, this list is based on Japanese model. Our products are intended only for use within Japan.
We cannot provide any information regarding their suitability for use outside Japan.
※ Please note that sales of "F Sports Parts" (TRD) products are limited to Lexus authorized dealers only. 

Products Specification parts number Application(○:Applicable、△It depends on condition、-:No) Remarks
Qty per
1 vehicle
IS350 IS300h IS300
“Mode Black”
version L F SPORT Normal version L F SPORT F SPORT
“Mode Black”
Front Spoiler ※1 Painted MS341-53006-※2 - - - - 1
Non-painted MS341-53007-NP - - - - 1
Aerodynamics Mirror Cover ※1 MS329-00001 1
Side Skirts ※1、※3 Painted MS344-53004-※2 1
Non-painted MS344-53005-NP 1
Rear Diffuser ※4 Painted MS343-53004-※2 1
Non-painted MS343-53005-NP 1
Sports Muffler ※4 For HV MS153-53004 - - - - - -   1
For GAS MS153-53006 - - -   1
20 inch Forged Alloy Wheel ※5、※6 Front(1 wheel) MS213-00153 2
Rear (1 wheel) MS213-00154 2
Performance Damper® For HV MS303-53006 - - - - - - 1
For GAS MS303-53005 - - - 1
Member Brace For 2WD MS300-53001   1

* Performance Damper® is registered trademarks of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

※1 : Drilling to the body/bumper or resin product will be required when installing.
※2 : The following code is added for each color for the part number of the painted parts.
    White Nova Glass Flake (083)・・・A0
    Sonic titanium(1J7)・・・B0
    Graphite black glass flakes(223)・・・C0
※3 : A genuine jack cannot be used.
※4 : Sports muffler and rear diffuser must be installed with together.
※5 : Please be noted that genuine wheel center cap is needed separate to install this parts. Standard equipped genuine wheel center cap("F sport "use) is useable.
    Separate TPWS bulb will be required for installation. Standard equipped genuine TPWS is useable.
※6 : This product do not include tire. Recommended tire (FR:235/35R20×2, RR:265/30R20×2) is required.

【Handling Caution 】
- Please do not conduct any modification to the product or it may cause a serious accident or damage.
- Please be noted that Garage Jack may not be able to use at specific position after installation.

<Aero Parts>
- After installing the Aero Parts, the road clearance will narrow and may interfere with curb bump or slope on public road. Also the Aero Parts may damage if driven during snow season (snowplow) or used under frozen weather.
- Color of the installation parts may not completely match with the color of standard vehicle.

<Sports Muffler>
- After installing the Sports Muffler, the road clearance will narrow and may interfere with curb bump or slope on public road. Also the volume or performance may change. Due to the nature of the material, color of Sports Muffler may change by heat or the surface may become rusty.

<Aluminum Wheel>
- Installation of Aluminum Wheel may increase the driving sound or lower the draining level during rain and grip during snowing condition. Also driving comfort ability or steering stability may differ from standard vehicle.
- Please be noted that tire chain may not be applicable.
- Tire may interfere or protrude if tire other than recommendation are installed.
- Wheel Nut Adapter (included in product) will be necessary if a tire is punctured. Please make sure to carry on-board. (Without security)
- Socket for lug nut and security lock nut (included in product) will be necessary if a tire is punctured. Please make sure to carry on-board. (With security)
- If the spare tire is with standard aluminum wheel, a standard wheel nut will be necessary. Please make sure to carry on-board.
- For cleaning matt finished colored wheel, use soft cloth or sponge with detergent or car shampoo with lots of water. Lightly wipe off the moisture using chamois leather or cloth after cleansing.