Aero Dynamics Control

Aero parts are widely and generally recognized as just “dress-up” items with strong visual effects, but our aero parts are different.

We believe that aero parts are items with added functionality to reduce aerodynamic resistance and dynamic lift, improve operational stability, increase cooling effectiveness, and prevent vehicles from becoming dirty.

As a Toyota certified motorsports partner, we possess master workmanship gained through advanced development of vehicles over many years and the latest racing technologies nurtured from the development of various racing cars. Only we have craftsmanship that combines these elements.

It is our wish to deliver “products that customers can experience first-hand” to fulfill the primary purpose of aero parts.

The reason our aero parts have been rated sporty for a long time is because we seek comprehensive functionality. The ultimate functional beauty is here for all drivers.


Total Balance

The goal was  to create products with the reliability and safety of genuine products but without all the psychological and physical stresses.

Let the drivers  enjoy their daily run, perhaps arriving home a bit earlier than usual.

Let the  drivers feel safe on rainy days.

Let the drivers  take their vehicles when visiting their parents’ homes this year.

To add a state to their “daily routine”, superior balance for the entire vehicle was necessary.

Destroying superior balance without doubt creates a sense of discomfort.

Let's say if you increase your physical strength and play golf, you will improve in the distance you hit the ball, but you may lose control and your score may ultimately decrease due to the increasing number of balls that you may hit out of bounds.

Wheels that are light with low rigidity lose stability during cornering. Moreover, a hard suspension only for flat roads will make the vehicle jump in the air on public roads and drivers may not feel comfortable accelerating.

The integration of quantitative data and functionality created the ultimate aero parts with superior total balance.

Let the "daily run" to be "confortable", taking "stress" to "pleasure".