Below chart shows all part No. that can be installed to subjected model. However, as details, such like necessity of additional process, additional part(s) and cautions on fitting etc., are not explained in this page. Please make sure to check them at linked page of each part before purchasing.

This list is based on Japanese model and shown in Japanese domestic price.

COROLLA Touring Parts List
Catalog number  Products Specification Number Application (○:Applicable、△It depends on condition、-:No) Remarks Requied Qty per 1 vehicle instruction manual
502 Front Spoiler Painted MS341-12047-※2   1  
Non-Painted MS341-12048-NP 1  
503 Side Skirts Painted MS344-12006-※2   1  
Non-Painted MS344-12007-NP 1  
504 Rear Side Spoiler Painted MS343-12016-※2   1  
Non-Painted MS343-12017-NP 1  
505 Tale Gate Spoiler Painted MS316-12004-※2   1  
Non-Painted MS316-12005-NP 1  
506 Front Bumper Garnish MS312-12002   1  
507 Side Garnish MS316-12003   1  
508 18 Inch Alloy wheel 「TRD TF9」
(Brilliant black polish) ※1 
1 Wheel MS213-00133   4  
Nut set MS212-00002 1  
18 Inch Alloy wheel 「TRD TF9」
(Rim brushed matte black) ※1 
1 Wheel MS213-00134 4  
Nut set MS212-00002 1  
509 Member Brace MS300-12004   1  
510 IR Cut Window Film Smoke MS374-12002 Exclude vehicle with electronic rear view mirror 1  
MS374-12004 Vehicle with electronic rear view mirror. 1  
Dark Smork MS374-12001 Exclude vehicle with electronic rear view mirror 1  
MS374-12003 Vehicle with electronic rear view mirror. 1  
511 TRD Speaker Set, JBL®  TRD Speaker 16cm JBL(2pieces) MS451-00004   2  
Bracket and Wire harness(2sets) MS452-00004 2  
512 Push Start Switch  For gasoline engine MS422-00009 - - -   1  
For hybrid engine MS422-00010 - - - 1  
513 Door Handle Protector Black (2pieces) MS010-00023   2  
Silver (2pieces) MS010-00030 2  
514 Security Number Plate Bolt MS010-00028   1  
515 Carbon Number Frame Front MS371-00001   1  
Rear MS371-00002   1  
516 Fuel Cap Garnish MS010-00015   1  
517 Smart Key Case MS010-00020   1  
518 Ashtray With LED MS080-00001   1  
519 Shift Rigid Metal Bush MS206-00001 - - - - - MT model 1  

※1 : This product do not include tire. Recommended size(215/40R18×4).
※2 : The following code is added for each color for the part number of the painted parts.
    White Pearl Crystal Shine(070)・・・A0
    Black Mica(209)・・・C0 
    Sparkling Black Pearl Crystal Shine(220)・・・C1