Functional Parts

Color:Brilliant black polish

Color:Rim brushed matte black

508 18 Inch Alloy Wheel 「TRD TF9」, Nut set

Color:Brilliant black polish, Rim brushed matte black
Size:18×7.5J inset 48 

* Wheel nuts are required to install this production.

* This product do not include tire. Recommended size(215/40R18×4).

509 Member Brace

Comfortable ride with stable road holding performance can be achieved by  reinforcing the body floor area from front to back. This product enables the suspension to directly absorb any input from the ground.

Material: steel

519 Shift Rigid Metal Bush

By replacing the rubber bush that fixes the shift lever base with a steel bush, it becomes a sporty shift operation.

* Please be noted that those parts may cause certain noise from the vehicle.

Shift feeling will feel slightly heavier.