Other Parts

510 IR Cut Window Film

This film relieves the irritability of the skin caused by direct sunlight.

Also it reduce the temperature rise in the car and improve the effect of air conditioning.

・Smoke : 21% of "Smoke" transmissivity 

・Dark Smork : 8% of "Dark Smoke" transmissivity 

511 TRD Speaker Set, JBL® (Replace with standard speakers)

Replacing the standard speaker with this one, you can get a clear and powerful sound. It is a 2-WAY COAXIAL structure with a tweeter that plays clear treble and a woofer that plays rich bass.


・16cm speaker

・Bracket for vehicle mounting

・Wire harness x 4 sets (1 unit)

・handles up to 55 watts RMS (165 watts peak power)

・sensitivity: 92 dB at 2.83 volts

・impedance: 3 ohms

* Excessive volume can strain the audio system and cause malfunctions.

* JBL® is registered trademarks of HARMAN International Industries INC. in the United States and other countries.


512 Push Start Switch

Awaken your racing spirit every time you push this TRD logo push start switch. Sharp design sense in these small details sets your vehicle apart from the crowd. Provides the same function and quality as the standard part.

Color : Red

513 Door Handle Protector

Not only preventing from scratch when opening and closing door but also dress-up around door handle. Carbon tone gives sporty image.

Color : Black, Silver

514 Security Number Plate Bolt

Bolt with security function and TRD logo.

Front: 2 bolts

Rear: 1 bolt

515 Carbon Number Frame

Number frame made of dry carbon.

Material:Resin (CFRP) 

516 Fuel Cap Garnish

You can easily dress-up with patching this production to fuel cap.

517 Smart Key Case

With TRD logo.

518 Ashtray With LED

This ashtray with "LED" and "TRD logo" is no battery replacement required and its emblem and saucer glow blue when the lid is opened. Furthermore,

the top and bottom split type makes it easy to throw away cigarette end and washable in water.

*Color and illuminance is differ from actual condition.