Functional & Other Parts

07 GR "Performance Damper®"

Ground Clearance:Applox.1mm lowered

Specifically designed Dumper installed in front and behind of body. It improves the comfortable of driving with reducing the noise and vibration during driving. And also, Improving the steering stability during high speed range.
* Performance Damper® is registered trademarks of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.

08 GR Fuel Lid Garnish

Material: Resin(PVC) 

09 GR Carbon Number Frame

Number frame made of dry carbon.
Material: Resin(CFRP) 

13 GR Armrest

Material: Artificial leather + Urethane 

15 Winker bulb Set "dressing up"

By applying a silver coating on the surface, the orange color of non-lighting becomes unnoticeable and it makes a clean impression.