GR Front Side Spoiler

Material: Resin(PPE)
Ground Clearance:Applox.40mm lowered

GR Side Skirts

Material: Resin(PPE)
Ground Clearance:Applox.80mm lowered

GR Rear Bumper Spoiler

Material: Resin(PPE)
Ground Clearance:Applox.74mm lowered
Length:Approx. 20mm longer

GR Dress Up Muffler

This product is scheduled to be released on November 2019.

Material: Stainless steel
Size: Tale end/φ90mm

GR Suspention Set

This product is scheduled to be released on January 2020.

Fixed damping type Suspension set offers you a highly balanced driving performance and ride comfort.

Ride height [Normal Grade] approx. 20mm lowering

               [GR SPORT] approx.17mm lowering

GR Sports Side Visor

Fin in the front and back of the visor, to improve the steering stability of the vehicle.

Material: Resin(Acrylic)

GR Carbon Number Frame

Number frame made of dry carbon.

Material:Resin (CFRP)