Door Stabilizer

  • New feature – an industry first (patent pending)
    Fills the gap in the door striker area using a spacer. This provides quicker steering response by cutting down the delay from when the steering wheel is turned.
    The built-in sliding mechanism automatically adjusts the gap to zero.
    Designed to be easy to install, yet maintains a strong visual presence.
    Exclusive for Toyota 86
    Common type
    <Body Side>
    <Door side>


    Door Stabilizer
    Description Application Parts No. List Price
    Door Stabilizer (Exclusive for Toyota 86 ) ZN6 MS304-18001 14,000
    Door Stabilizer ( Common type ) <Released on Mid of Feb> See below application MS304-00001 15,000
    *Kit comes 2 pieces for 1 set. For 4 door, please purchase 2 sets.

    Door Stabilizer (Common type, MS304-00001) Application model list
    Vehicle Name Model Front Door Rear Door
    iQ NGJ10, KGJ10 check -
    Aqua NHP10 check check
    Vitz KSP130, NCP131, NSP13# check check
    Auris ZRE186H, NZE181H check check
    Corolla Fielder ZRE162G, NZE161G check check
    Crown Athlete/Royal GRS21#, AWS21# check check
    Crown Athlete/Royal GRS20# check check
    Harrier ACU30W, ACU35W check check
    Prius ZVW30, ZVW35 check check
    Prius α ZVW4# check check
    Mark X GRX13# check check
    * Above application is as of January 2013.

    This product is an exclusive part for the Toyota 86. Do not use this product on any model other than Toyota 86.
    Installing on non-compatible vehicles can keep doors from closing completely.
    This can lead to vehicle damage or malfunction while driving caused by doors that are not sufficiently closed.
    In the worst case, the door may open while the vehicle is in motion, causing serious accidents.

    <Attention> Modification to doors simulating this product.
    This product's safety has been thoroughly verified for installation on compatible vehicles (ensuring safety of the doors' open/close function).
    Modification of the vehicle, reworking door parts, etc. that simulates this product will result in malfunctioning of the open/close mechanism.
    This can lead to vehicle malfunction and damage. In the worst case, the door may open while the vehicle is in motion, causing serious accidents.