Sports Air Filter

  • A sports air filter born from racing engine development technology
    An air filter that delivers the most basic, critical functions of ingesting air, removing dust, and supplying fresh air to the engine. By modifying the technology used in racing engines, running under the harshest conditions and putting the results to work in a commercial product, the TRD Sports Air Filter has achieved the smooth air intake and cleaning effects demanded by high-rev engines.

    Full fabric type(For 1G-FE)

    For RV & 4WD

    ■Installs just like the standard filter.
    TRD offers a large variety of sports air filters to fit most Toyota cars. What's more, installation is a snap because, other than for the filter itself, we employ the same materials and shapes as do the standard filters.

    GT500 SUPRA(Year 2002 model)
    Sports Air Filter Part No.・Price List
    Part No. Code List Price(JPY)
    17801-AE010 D Discontinued
    17801-AE910 D Discontinued
    17801-EP810 D Discontinued
    17801-JA810 D 9, 800
    17801-JS410 D Discontinued
    17801-JS610 D Discontinued
    17801-JX010 D 9, 800
    17801-MA710 D 11, 000
    17801-GE100 D Discontinued
    MS155-00005(17801-GX200) D Discontinued
    17801-ZT300 D Discontinued
    MS155-00002 (17801-QC100) D Discontinued
    MS155-00003 (17801-NP100) D Discontinued
    MS155-00008 (17801-NP110) D Discontinued
    MS155-00004 (17801-NP900) D Discontinued
    MS155-00009 (17801-ZE200) D Discontinued
    17801-HJ800 D Discontinued
    17801-KN800 D Discontinued
    17801-SR400 D 9, 800
    MS155-00001(17801-GR500) D Discontinued
    MS155-00011 (17801-AR300) D Discontinued
    MS155-00010 (17801-MR300) D Discontinued
    17801-KH100 D Discontinued
    17801-UF200 D Discontinued
    17801-UF300 D Discontinued
    MS155-00007 (17801-UZ400) D Discontinued
    Toyota Genuine Part No. contrastive Chart
    Sports air filter Part No. Toyota Genuine Part No.
    17801-AE010 17801-15070
    17801-AE910 17801-74020
    17801-EP810 17801-11050
    17801-JA700 17801-46050
    17801-JA810 17801-46060
    17801-JS410 17801-50020
    17801-JS610 17801-46080
    17801-JX010 17801-46070
    17801-JX010 17801-74060
    17801-MA710 17801-70020
    17801-GE100 17801-70050
    MS155-00005 (17801-GX200) 17801-31110
    17801-ZT300 17801-16020
    MS155-00002 (17801-QC100) 17801-97402
    MS155-00003 (17801-NP100) 17801-23030
    MS155-00008 (17801-NP110) 17801-21030
    MS155-00004 (17801-NP900) 17801-21050
    MS155-00009 (17801-ZE200) 17801-22020
    17801-HJ800 17801-68030
    17801-KN800 17801-67030
    17801-SR400 17801-08010
    MS155-00001 (17801-GR500) 17801-31120
    MS155-00011 (17801-AR300) 17801-28010
    MS155-00010 (17801-MR300) 17801-20040
    17801-KH100 17801-67020
    17801-UF200 17801-50010
    17801-UF300 17801-50030
    MS155-00007 (17801-UZ400) 17801-50060

    Sports Air Filter Application Chart
    Vehicle Model Code Year Model Engine Model Part No. List Price(JPY)
    ALPHARD MNH1#W 02.5- 1MZ-FE MS155-00010 (17801-MR300) Discontinued
    ANH1#W 02.5- 2AZ-FE MS155-00011 (17801-AR300) Discontinued
    Excluding Hybrid or Side Lift Up Seat Model
    08.5 - 2GR-FE, 2AZ-FE MS155-00001 (17801-GR500) Discontinued
    ALPHARD HYBRID ATH10W 03.7- 2AZ-FXE MS155-00011 (17801-AR300) Discontinued
    ALTEZZA SXE10 98.10- 3S-GE 17801-JS610 Discontinued
    GXE10 98.10- 1G-FE 17801-GE100 Discontinued
    ALTEZZA gita GXE10W 01.7- 1G-FE 17801-GE100 Discontinued
    JCE1#W 01.7- 2JZ-GE 17801-JS610 Discontinued
    ARISTO JZS16# 97.8- 2JZ-## 17801-JS610 Discontinued
    AVENSIS AZT250 03.10- 1AZ-FSE MS155-00009 (17801-ZE200) Discontinued
    bB NCP3# 00.1- 2NZ-FE, 1NZ-FE MS155-00008 (17801-NP110) Discontinued
    QNC20, 21, 25 05.12- K3-VE, 3SZ-VE MS155-00006 (17801-QC200) 8, 500
    CAMRY GRACIA MCV2#, SXV2# 96.12-01.12 5S-FE, 1MZ-FE, 2MZ-FE 17801-JX010 Discontinued
    CARINA SURF AT170G 89.8-92.11 4A-FHE, 4A-GE, 5A-FE 17801-AE910 Discontinued
    CELICA ST162 87.8-89.8 3S-GELU 17801-AE910 9, 800
    ST165 86.10-89.8 3S-GTE 17801-AE910 Discontinued
    ST18# 89.9-90.8 3S-GE、3S-GTE 17801-AE910 Discontinued
    3S-FE、4S-FE 17801-ZT300 Discontinued
    90.8-94.1 3S# 17801-AE910 Discontinued
    ST20# 93.9-99.9 3S# 17801-JX010 Discontinued
    ZZT23# 99.9- 2ZZ-GE、1ZZ-FE 17801-ZT300 Discontinued
    CELSIOR UCF1#・2# 89.11-00.8 1UZ-FE 17801-UF200 Discontinued
    UCF3# 00.8- 3UZ-FE 17801-UF300 Discontinued
    COROLLA ZZE12#、NZE12# 00.8- 1ZZ-FE、#NZ-FE MS155-00009 (17801-ZE200) Discontinued
    COROLLA, SPRINTER AE91・92 87.5-89.5 4A-GZE 17801-AE910 Discontinued
    5A-FE、4A-GE 17801-ZT300 Discontinued
    89.5-92.4 4A#、5A-FE, 5A-FHE 17801-AE910 Discontinued
    AE10#・11# 91.6-00.8 4A#、5A-FE 17801-AE010 Discontinued
    COROLLA RUNX, ALLEX ZZE123, NZE12# 01.1- 2ZZ-GE, 1NZ-FE MS155-00009 (17801-ZE200) Discontinued
    COROLLA ZZE12#、NZE12# 00.8- 1ZZ-FE、#NZ-FE MS155-00009 (17801-ZE200) Discontinued
    COROLLA, SPRINTER AE91・92 87.5-89.5 4A-GZE 17801-AE910 Discontinued
    5A-FE、4A-GE 17801-ZT300 Discontinued
    89.5-92.4 4A#、5A-FE, 5A-FHE 17801-AE910 Discontinued
    AE10#・11# 91.6-00.8 4A#、5A-FE 17801-AE010 Discontinued
    COROLLA WAGON AE91G 89.5-92.5 5A-F(M)E 17801-AE910 Discontinued
    AE10#G 91.6-97.7 4A-#E, 5A-FE 17801-AE010 9, 800
    COROLLA FIELDER ZZE12#, NZE12# 00.8-06.9 2ZZ-GE, 1ZZ-FE, 1NZ-FE, 2NZ-FE MS155-00009 (17801-ZE200) Discontinued
    COROLLA Axio,
    All Model 06.10- 1ZZ-FE、2ZR-FE MS155-00004 (17801-NP900) Discontinued
    CORONA EXiV, CARINA ED ST162 87.8-89.8 3S-GELU 17801-AE910 Discontinued
    ST18# 89.9-90.8 3S-GE 17801-AE910 Discontinued
    3S-FE、4S-FE 17801-ZT300 Discontinued
    90.8-93.9 3S#、4S-FE 17801-AE910 Discontinued
    ST20# 93.9-98.4 3S#、4S-FE 17801-JX010 Discontinued
    CORONA, CARINA ST162 87.8-89.8 3S-GELU 17801-AE910 Discontinued
    ST171 87.12-92.2 3S-GE、5A-FE 17801-AE910 Discontinued
    AT171・175 88.5-92.8 4A-FE、4A-GE 17801-ZT300 Discontinued
    ST19# 92.2-96.8 3S-FE、4S-FE,
    17801-AE910 Discontinued
    AT21# 96.8-01.12 4A-FE、4A-GE,
    17801-AE910 Discontinued
    CROWN MS13# 87.9-91.10 7M-GE 17801-MA710 Discontinued
    GS13# 87.9-91.10 1G-GE、1G-GZE、1G-E 17801-MA710 Discontinued
    88.9-91.10 1G-FE 17801-MA710 Discontinued
    UZS131 89.8-91.10 1UZ-FE 17801-UF200 Discontinued
    GS141 91.10-98.8 1G-FE 17801-MA710 Discontinued
    GS151 98.8-99.9 1G-FE 17801-GE100 Discontinued
    GS171 99.9-03.12 1G-FE 17801-GE100 Discontinued
    JZS13# 87.9-91.10 1JZ-GE 17801-MA710 Discontinued
    91.10-99.4 2JZ-GE、1JZ-GE 17801-JA700 Discontinued
    JZS141・143・145 91.10-95.8 2JZ-GE、1JZ-GE 17801-JA700 Discontinued
    JZS15# 95.8-99.9 2JZ-GE、1JZ-GE 17801-JA810 9, 800
    UZS15# 95.8-99.9 1UZ-FE 17801-JS410 Discontinued
    UZS17# 99.9-03.12 1UZ-FE 17801-UF300 Discontinued
    JZS171・179 99.9-03.12 1JZ-GTE、2JZ-GE 17801-JS610 Discontinued
    JZS17# 99.9-03.12 1JZ-GE 17801-JS610 Discontinued
    JZS175 99.9-03.12 2JZ-FSE 17801-JS610 Discontinued
    CROWN ATHLETE・ROYAL GRS18# 03.12- 3GR-FSE, 4GR-FSE MS155-00007 (17801-UZ400) Discontinued
    05.10- 2GR-FSE MS155-00005 (17801-GX200) Discontinued
    CROWN ESTATE JZS17#W 99.12- 2JZ-FSE, 1JZ-### 17801-JS610 Discontinued
    GS171W 99.12- 1G-FE 17801-GE100 Discontinued
    CROWN MAJESTA UZS18# 04.7- 3UZ-FE MS155-00007 (17801-UZ400) Discontinued
    MAJESTA, ARISTO JZS143・147・149・155・17#
      2JZ-##、1UZ-FE(-99.9) 17801-JS410 Discontinued
    99.9- 1UZ-FE 17801-UF300 Discontinued
    99.9- 2JZ-FSE 17801-JS610 Discontinued
    CYNOS EL44 91.1-95.8 5E# 17801-EP810 Discontinued
    EL5# 95.9-99.7 4E#、5E# 17801-EP810 Discontinued
    TCR1#・2# 90.5-99.12 2TZ-FE , 2TZ-FZE 17801-SR400 Discontinued
    ESTIMA ACR30・40 00.2- 2AZ-FE MS155-00011 (17801-AR300) Discontinued
    MCR30・40 99.12- 1MZ-FE MS155-00010 (17801-MR300) Discontinued
    ACR50, 55W, GSR50, 55W 06.1- 2GR-FE, 2AZ-FE MS155-00001(17801-GR500) Discontinued
    ESTIMA HYBRID AHR10W 01.5-06.5 2AZ-FXE MS155-00011 (17801-AR300) Discontinued
    FunCargo NCP2# 99.8- 2NZ-FE, 1NZ-FE MS155-00008 (17801-NP110) Discontinued
    GRANVIA, GRAND HIACE KCH10・16 95.8- 1KZ-TE 17801-KH100 Discontinued
    VCH10・16 97.8- 5VZ-FE 17801-KH100 Discontinued
    HARRIER SXU・MCU・ACU10・15 97.12-03.2 1MZ-FE, 5S-FE 17801-JX010 Discontinued
    ACU3#W, MCU3#W 03.2- 2AZ-FE, 1MZ-FE MS155-00010 (17801-MR300) Discontinued
    HILUX SURF VZN130 90.8-95.11 3VZ-E 17801-MA710 Discontinued
    VZN180・185 95.11-02.11 5VZ-FE 17801-JA810 9, 800
    KZN180・185, KDN180・185 95.11-02.11 1KZ-TE, 1KD-FTV 17801-KN800 Discontinued
    RZN180・185 3RZ-FE 17801-SR400 Discontinued
    IPSUM SXM10・15 96.10-01.5 3S-FE 17801-AE910 Discontinued
    ACM21・26 01.5- 2AZ-FE MS155-00009 (17801-ZE200) Discontinued0
    ist NCP60・61・65 02.5- #NZ-FE MS155-00008 (17801-NP110) Discontinued
    KLUGER L・V MCU2#, ACU2# 00.11- 1MZ-FE, 2AZ-FE MS155-00010 (17801-MR300) Discontinued
    LAND CRUISER PRADO 90 VZJ90・95 96.4-02.11 5VZ-FE 17801-JA810 9, 800
    KZJ90・95 96.4-02.11 1KZ-TE 17801-KN800 Discontinued
    RZJ90・95 96.4-02.11 3RZ-FE 17801-SR400 Discontinued
    KDJ90・95 00.8-02.11 1KD-FTV 17801-KN800 Discontinued
    LAND CRUISER 80 HDJ81V 90.1-98.1 1HD-FT, 1HD-T 17801-HJ800 Discontinued
    MARK X GRX12# 04.11- 3GR-FSE, 4GR-FSE MS155-00005 (17801-GX200) Discontinued
    MR2 AW11 86.8-89.12 4A# 17801-MA710 Discontinued
    SW20 89.12-99.10 3S#(Except below model) 17801-AE910 Discontinued
    97.12-99.10 3S-GE(w/VVTi) 17801-JX010 Discontinued
    MR-S ZZW30 99.10- 1ZZ-FE 17801-ZT300 Discontinued





    MS155-00004 Discontinued
    PASSO KGC10 04.6- 1KR-FE MS155-00003 (17801-NP100) Discontinued
    QNC10 04.6- K3-VE MS155-00002 (17801-QC100) Discontinued
    PLATZ SCP11 99.8- 1SZ-FE MS155-00003 (17801-NP100) Discontinued
    NCP1# 99.8- #NZ-FE MS155-00008 (17801-NP110) Discontinued
    RAV4 SXA1# 94.5-00.5 3S-GE, 3S-FE 17801-AE910 Discontinued
    ZCA2# 00.5- 1ZZ-FE 17801-GE100 Discontinued
    ACA2# 00.5- 1AZ-FSE MS155-00011 (17801-AR300) Discontinued
    SCEPTER VCV10・15・15W, SXV10・15・15W 92.7-96.8 3VZ-FE、5S-FE 17801-JX010 Discontinued
    SERA EXY10 90.3-95.12 5E-FHE 17801-EP810 Discontinued
    SOARER MZ2#・GZ20 86.1-91.4 7M-GTEU、1G# 17801-MA710 Discontinued
    UZZ3#・JZZ3# 91.5-00.12 1UZ-FE、2JZ-GE、1JZ-GTE 17801-JA810 9, 800
    UZZ40 01.4- 3UZ-FE MS155-00007 (17801-UZ400) Discontinued
    SPRINTER CARIB AE11#G 95.8-02.7 4A-GE, 4A-FE, 7A-FE 17801-AE010 Discontinued
    STARLET EP82・91 89.12-99.7 4E-FE、4E-FTE 17801-EP810 Discontinued
    EP85 92.1-96.1 4E-FE 17801-EP810 Discontinued
    SUPRA MA70, GA70 86.2-93.5 7M-GTEU、1G# 17801-MA710 Discontinued
    JZA70 90.8-93.5 1JZ-GTE 17801-JA700 Discontinued
    JZA80 93.5-02.8 2JZ# 17801-JA810 9, 800
    TERCEL, CORSA, COROLLA II EL4# 90.9-94.8 4E-FE、5E# 17801-EP810 Discontinued
    EL5# 94.9-99.7 4E-FE、5E-FE 17801-EP810 Discontinued
    KCH4# 97.4-02.5 1KZ-TE 17801-KH100 Discontinued
    Vanguard ACA33W・38W, GSA33W 07.8 - 2AZ-FE、2GR-FE MS155-00001 (17801-GR500) Discontinued
    Excluding Hybrid or Side Lift Up Seat Model
    08.5 - 2GR-FE, 2AZ-FE MS155-00001(17801-GR500) Discontinued
    Vitz SCP10・13 99.1-05.2 1SZ-FE, 2SZ-FE MS155-00003 (17801-NP100) Discontinued
    NCP10・13 99.1-05.2 2NZ-FE, 1NZ-FE MS155-00008 (17801-NP110) Discontinued
    NCP91・95 05.2- 1NZ-FE, 2NZ-FE MS155-00004 (17801-NP900) Discontinued
    SCP90, KSP90 05.2- 2SZ-FE, 1KR-FE MS155-00003 (17801-NP100) Discontinued
    WINDOM, CAMRY GRACIA ★ VCV1# 91.10-96.8 3VZ-FE、4VZ-FE 17801-JX010 Discontinued
    MCV2#、SXV20 96.8-01.9 #MZ-FE、5S-FE 17801-JX010 Discontinued
    WINDOM ACV3#, MCV30 04.7- 2AZ-FE, 1MZ-FE MS155-00010 (17801-MR300) Discontinued
    WISH ZNE10・14G, ANE10G・11W 03.1-09.4 1ZZ-FE, 1AZ-FSE MS155-00009 (17801-ZE200) Discontinued
    ZGE2# 09.4- 2ZR-FAE、3ZR-FAE MS155-00004 Discontinued
    ★:"CAMRY GRACIA(Sedan)" was changed to "CAMRY" by minor-chamge from Aug. '99