Below chart shows all part No. that can be installed to subjected model. However, as details, such like necessity of additional process, additional part(s) and cautions on fitting etc., are not explained in this page. Please make sure to check them at linked page of each part before purchasing. 

This list is based on Japanese model and shown in Japanese domestic price.

HARRIER Parts List

※2 Drilling process is needed to install this production.
※3 There is no switch ON/OFF, Always on LED light when ignition on.
※4 Drilling process is needed to attach this production with rear bumper spoiler .
※5 You can not add LED daytime lamp after attaching this production.
※6 Standard tire(235/55R18) is usable.
※7 Installation time is included in installation time(2.2H) of 18inch Alloy wheel 「TRD TF6」、 Nut set.
※9 The following code is added for each color for the part number of the painted parts.
  White pearl crystal shine(070)・・・A0 
  Sparkling Black pearl Crystalshine(220)・・・C1