Functional Parts

508 High response muffler Ver.S

Material:stainless steel

511 18 Inch Alloy wheel 「TRD TF6」、 Nut set

Wheel :TRD TF6
Color:Diamond cut silver/Black mica
#* Nut set or Lug nut set (512) dedicated of this wheel
is required for installation.

#* Standard tire is usable.

512 Lug nut set

Wheel nut with TRD logo.
High quality security nut from McGard co.Ltd.
This production has a function protecting vehicle wheel.

513 MCB®(Motion Control Beam)

Improves riding comfort and rigidity feeling.

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#*MCB® is a registered trademark of AISHIN SEIKI co.,ltd.

514 Door stabilizer

This provides quicker steering response.

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515 Digital Gauge (Tire pressure and temperature)

You can easily measure air pressure and temperature

by bringing the smart key shaped receiver closer to the tire's air valve.
A set of one measuring instrument and four TPMS valves.