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What Sets Us Apart?


TRD leverages technologies and know-how developed through racing activities to develop and market parts compliant with safety standards (suspensions, mufflers, aero parts, etc. make driving more enjoyable.

The definitive difference between us and other aftermarket part manufacturers is the high-quality we are able to achieve as a parts manufacturer directly connected to the Toyota Motor Corporation (“Toyota”).  Combining performance and reliability, TRD provides an extensive lineup of parts that everyone can feel secure in using based for a specific application.  Utilizing vehicle data from Toyota and making use of Toyota test courses and other facilities to develop parts is the unique ability of TRD.  Through joint development with manufacturers of genuine parts, we make efficient, high-quality products.

TRD parts are developed to be used in races and circuit runs and are widely used at events such as one-make races and Japanese Rally Championships.


Just how TRD started its business as restorer of Toyota vehicles, the know-how and hetitage still remains in the blood of engineers.
Dailey maintenances are still conducted to preserve the historical machines of Toyota by the hands of TRD artitians.
Take a peek through the legendary "TRD Station" where the monsters sleep in the dark.


What's TRD

Inheriting Craftsmanship ≫≫