Getting Started with Inspiration

The Scion FR-S, or called as Toyota 86 in various regions in the world, can be positioned as one of the fun filled sport cars created in the long history of automobile industry. This model have not only attracted many racing fans but also enhanced the popularity of customization due to its distinctive appearance and characteristics.

It was a matter of time for Scion in the U.S. to start up an exciting TRD project with FR-S. The project led by Scion under the collaboration with TRD both in the U.S. and Japan.

 Here is an interesting background story of this FR-S TRD. The project was first inspired by a concept car built in Japan. It was the "86 TRD Griffon Concept", created by TOYOTA CUSTOMIZING & DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. (TRD Japan), one of the iconic TRD brand figure developed for the purpose of aerodynamic research. "The Griffon Concept was based on performance, but we didn't want to change any elements that would detract from the original FR-S 's beauty." says Hiroshi Nashiki, Chief Engineer at TRD Japan.

The Griffon development was concentrated in enhancing the aerodynamic of the body. The expected results were an incremental down force and an improvement in cornering stability. The idea of modifying of the engine was brought into during the initial stage, but it was pushed away since main goal was to build the fastest car not relying only on the power of the engine. In order to check the result, TRD went off to run the circuit. Continuous tests were conducted at the Tsukuba 2,000m Circuit in Japan, aiming the record to hit below 1 minute. On the 5th test, we finally achieved our target, the fastest level with 58 seconds! The dramatic development story not only moved the automobile enthusiasts in Japan but also overseas reaching out to Scion.

And that is how the FR-S TRD story began.




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