Other Parts


515 Winker bulb Set(dressing up)

By applying a silver coating on the surface,
the orange color of non-lighting becomes unnoticeable and it makes a clean impression.

516 LED ground illumination

When opening the door, light with TRD logo welcomes you.

517 Door handle protector

Not only preventing from scratch when opening and closing door but also dressing up around door handle.

518 Number plate bolt

Bolt with simplified security function with TRD logo.

Front: 2 bolts
Rear: 1 bolt

519 Shift Knob

Material: Real leather

With TRD ornament.

520 Push start switch

With TRD logo.

Color:[bottom] Red

521 Sun Shade

We designed dedicated Sunshade for Aqua.
You can also fold away easily when not using.