• Super high-performance lubricating oil designed for gears used under extreme conditions

    FF (1 liter) Price: Discontinued

    ●Product No: A0420-A0000 GL-3 75W-90 ●Code: A
    ●Applications: Manual transmission axle oil for FF vehicles equipped with an LSD
    Manual transmission axle oil for FR vehicles
    TRD LSD oil FF is a multi-grade gear axle oil developed for manual transmissions equipped with an LSD.
    With its special composition, even under motor sports driving or other severe driving conditions, this oil provides high gear wear resistance while also maintaining long-lasting protection for the synchronizer ring. Even compared with commercial-grade gear oil, its heat resistance and oxidation stability are markedly superior, while the oil continues to maintain high performance. Moreover, with its special friction characteristics, this oil maintains functioning of mechanical LSDs best while giving you that great gear-shift feeling, without applying excessive load on the gear during shifting.
    FR (1 liter) Price: ¥2, 400

    ●Product No.: A0420-A0001 GL-5 85W-140 ●Code: A
    ●Applications: Differential oil for FR-4WD vehicles equipped with an LSD.
    TRD LSD oil FR is a multi-grade gear oil developed for differentials in vehicles equipped with an LSD. This 85W-140 grade oil maintains its viscosity index across a wide range, and exhibits superior oil film characteristics under both heavy loads and high temperatures, thanks to its special pressure and wear agents, which help to soften shocks and maintain gear teeth. What's more, its special friction-regulating agent maintains the ultra-high LDS performance that is demanded by motor sports and other extreme driving activities.