LEXUS IS F "Circuit Club Sport Parts"

LEXUS IS F is regarded with high esteem as Premium Sports Car.
TRD released IS F Circuit Club Sports Package to give a big boost to dynamic performance to IS F.

TRD has walked along a long history with automobile manufactures and built up the technique and experience on mass production car. TRD also developed famous racing cars as represented by GT500. However, development of IS F Circuit Club Sports Parts was a big challenge for TRD.

“No compromise was acceptable.”

It took time and troubles to develop the parts. Parts which require lightweight and high rigidity are built by valuable material such as carbon fiber titanium, and magnesium. These materials need time and craftsmanship to process, but it was essential to satisfy the requirements of TRD.
Carbon textile is finished with clear coat, appealing its performance. Interior panel, air outlet from the front window, and glanced rear spoiler in side mirrors inspire the drivers whenever he or she is seated in cockpit.
Performance parts are developed in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) analysis, Wind tunnel test, and Post rig test, which are all popular for racing car development, and it enables TRD to do in-depth data analysis. These parts are evaluated by the development driver and finally consummated the target handling and performance. Development was extended to such details as spring rate adjustment, stabilizer rigidity, damping force, and tire size. TRD optimized aerodynamic balance with front and rear spoilers.

IS F Circuit Club Sports Parts achieve smooth driving, stable roll balance, and neutral steering characteristic. And, strong down force promise the intense enjoyment of high-speed driving. As soon as drivers grab the steering, they will experience how IS F Circuit Club Sports Package boost the performance of IS F.